My roots with photography take me back to when I was a social worker doing family casework in Detroit’s public housing projects. Many families took pride in their apartments but the city was not doing its part to provide a safe and healthy living environment.

I picked up my camera to give voice to the voiceless. My supervisor used my black and white images to advocate change.

That passion continued as director with the Area Agency on Aging. There I worked with senior citizens to capture photos that were used to help pass Congressional legislation to make available USDA food surplus to low income seniors nationwide.

When I got into taking school photos my intention expanded to use photography to inspire and motivate an audience of young people at every school we served.

Above is our third year of doing achievement banners for Detroit’s Renaissance High School. Pictured are the top 10 academic achievement students for the 12th grade. The high school is known for academic excellence. The banners are displayed to motivate under grads as well as to visually demonstrate the school’s continuing mission.